At the CDI Group of Companies, we strive to develop and manage quality affordable housing as well as bring vitality to the communities we work and live in. We work with intention and deliver on everything we promise to do.

  • We are financially strong through careful planning and long range vision.
  • We develop solid, long term relationships with partners, investors and vendors.
  • We compete in the market place, utilizing the most current technology and cutting edge products and processes while relying on our corporate experience.
  • We aspire to vitalize and interconnect the communities we serve by providing quality, life enriching supportive services.

Community Development, Inc. (CDI) is a private non-profit organization specializing in real estate and community development.

CDI is currently active in the development of multi-family housing for seniors and families alike. These activities are generally accomplished via a network of closely-aligned subsidiary nonprofit organizations such as CDI-Alaska Inc., CDI-California, Inc., CDI-Louisiana, Inc., CDI-Utah, Inc., CDI-Washington, Inc., CDI-Wyoming, Inc., CDI-New Mexico, Inc., CDI-Nebraska, Inc., CDI-North Dakota, Inc., CDI-South Carolina, Inc., and Idaho Development and Housing Organization (IDAHO), Inc. CDI also operates in Arizona and Nevada under the assumed business name of West Coast Affordable Housing, Inc. All of CDI’s efforts are directed to serving people with limited incomes and resources. CDI recognizes that a fulfilling life includes hope for the future. Accordingly, all of CDI’s developments include a supportive services program and enrichment activities for the people being served. CDI has developed over $300 million in housing nationwide.

Subsidiaries of CDI include Idaho Development and Housing Organization (IDAHO), Inc., a non-profit developer providing single family homes and transitional housing through numerous programs and Somerset Pacific, LLC, a professional property management company managing properties developed by CDI and other developers. CDI and its subsidiaries are committed to providing quality housing, at reasonable prices, placed in service on schedule in partnership with our development team.

CDI continues to strive to maintain and enhance its current position in the domestic affordable housing market. This is achieved through our proven network of partners, an awareness of change and our ability to manage that change. There is continuing emphasis on sound cash flow management and conservative structuring.
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